CrossFit Ickenham

Strength in


A sense of belonging


CrossFit Ickenham is a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive.

A culture of motivation and support.

Whether you are an experienced drop-in for a day, or beginner with a long term commitment, we’ve got exactly what you need.

Every session is uniquely structured to accommodate all that attend, ensuring progress is made by everyone – personalisation is key.

Fun, friendly and effective


Our training principles are very simple and straightforward:

Train for life, not for the gym!

We achieve this by carrying out constantly varied, high intensity, functional exercise using metabolic conditioning, body-weight/gymnastics and weightlifting to elicit a change in the body’s capacity to carry out, and excel at any given task.

The equipment we use is as varied as the tasks we carry out. Olympic bars and weights, kettlebells, sandbags, ropes, tyres, climbing frames, etc.. In fact, you name it and we will find a use for it!

Memberships now available


The community at CrossFit Ickenham is a family. We like it that way. Membership levels do not grow beyond the ability to be able to build great relationships and future long term friendships.

To that end we cap our membership and only re-open when we need new family members.